Curriculum Vitae
Rick Lishi Chu
1954 born in Taichung City , Taiwan

Current Positions:

  1. Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages and School of Journalism, National Chengchi University, ( 1997~)
    Teaching : “Journalistic Korean Readings” and “International News Coverage”
  2. Member, Taiwan Society North (2006~)
  3. Member, The Association for Asian Studies, U.S.A. (1995~)
  4. Member, Japan Policy Research Institute, U.S.A. (1994~)


  1. MA, Stanford University, Japanese Studies, Center for East Asian Studies,
  2. Studied at Yonsei University, Graduate School, Dept. of History, Seoul, South Korea,
  3. BA, National Chengchi University, Dept. of Oriental Languages and Cultures, Taiwan,

Journalist Career:

  1. 2004-05 Vice President, Chinese Television System
  2. 1999-04 Editor in Chief, Taipei Times; Columnist, The Liberty Times
  3. 1996-97 Advisor, Editorial Dept., and Director, Foreign News Desk, The Liberty Times
  4. 1995-96 Chief Editor, News Dept., Super TV
  5. 1993-95 On Leave Editorial Writer, China Times
  6. 1991-93 Editor, Foreign News Desk, China Times
  7. 1989-91 Editorial Writer and World Affairs Correspondent, China Times
  8. 1988-89 Director, Senior Reporter’s Desk, China Times Express
  9. 1985-88 Seoul Correspondent, United Daily News
  10. 1979-85 Staff Reporter, United Daily News
  11. 1978-79 Chief of Photographer Desk, China Times
  12. 1977-78 Photographer, China Times


  1. 1980-Golden Tripod Award, Best Spot News Photo, Government Information Office
  2. 1980-Best Reporter Award, United Daily News
  3. 1980-Best Photo Essay Award, Third Grade, China Times
  4. 1981-Best Photo Essay Award, First Grade, China Times Weekly
  5. 1985-Special Contribution Award ( with U.S.$ 10,000 Prize), United Daily News
  6. 2002-Brighter Society Journalism Award


  1. “Stories of South Korean Conglomerates ( Chaebol)”, Translation, 1983
  2. “No. 1-ism, Autobiography of Lee Byung Chull, Founder of Samsung Group”, Translation, 1986
  3. “Han River’s Unrest-Striving for Democracy”, 1989
  4. “Farewell Korea-A Retrospective of Taiwanese-South Korean Relationship”, 1993
  5. “Reconcilable Differences?-The Feasibility of Northeast Asian Economic Cooperation-A Comparative Study of The UNDP’s TRADP Project, From the Perspectives of Related Countries ”, Paper in English, 1995
  6. “A Comparative Study of The Differences of Management Philosophy between Formosa Plastic Group’s Y. C. Wang and Samsung Group’s Lee Byung Chull”, Paper in English
  7. “Mass-Participatory Economy, Kim Dae Jung’s Economic Thoughts”, Translation, 1998
  8. “Victory at Any Cost-The Genius of Vietnam’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap”, Translation,
  9. “From worst to first”, Translation, 1999
  10. “The History of Korea”, 2003
  11. “Two Koreas United, We fall”, Translation, 2006
  12. Kim Young-oak’s “Korean mind, Taiwanese passion”, Edit, 2006
  13. “State Violence and Historical Rectification: From South Korea’s 518 to Taiwan’s 228”, 2007

Major News Events Coverage:

  1. South Korean Democratic Movement, June 1987
  2. The Coldest Winter in Beijing, Dec. 1989-Jan. 1990
  3. The Persian Gulf War, Jan. 17-Apr. 15, 1991
  4. Visited North Korea, June 8-15, 1991
  5. The Collapse of Soviet Union, Dec. 1991-Jan. 1992
  6. Special Interview with Mikhail Gorbachev, Apr. 1992
  7. Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Feb. 1997
  8. Interview with Xu Jiatun, Ex-President, Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency, May 1997
  9. Indonesian Student Uprising and Forced President Suharto’s Resignation, May 1998
  10. South Korean netizen elected Roh Mu-hyun as President.

Academic Activities:

  1. July 2006, Taiwan Foundation's Forum on "North Korean Human Rights," Taipei, Taiwan
  2. Nov. 2003, North Korean Crisis and the Security of the Northeast Asia, Taipei, Taiwan
  3. July. 2002, “Media and Anti-Corruption”, NED Conference held in Seoul, South Korea
  4. Aug. 1996, International Conference on Peace, Cooperation, and Development in the Northeast Asian Area, Changchun, China
  5. July 1992, International Conference on the Development of the Tumen River Zone and Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia, Changchun, China
  6. 1992~1998, Director of the Board, Taiwanese Society for Korean Studies
  7. Aug. 1991, International Young Scholar Conference on Korean Studies, Yanji, China
  8. Aug. 1990, First International Conference on Chosun ( Korean) Studies, Osaka, Japan
  9. Feb. 2007, “International Conference on The 60th Anniversary of the 228 Massacre: Human Rights and Transitional Justice,” Taipei, Taiwan